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What is Diner en Blanc?

September 4th, 2018 by Joe Napales

How Diner en Blanc Started

In short, Le Diner en Blanc is an annual event that began back in 1988 in Paris, France. A Frenchman named Francois Pasquier invited a small group of his closest friends to an elegant dinner in the city. His goal was to get his loved ones away from the hustle bustle of everyday life and enjoy a night together far from the noise, taking in the true beauty of nature and their surroundings. The group gathered one evening in the stunning Bois de Vincennes, a park that covers over 2000 acres, dressed in all white. Those in attendance wore the color white to easily identify one another, and the name “Diner en Blanc” was born (“Dinner in White”).

The gathering was a success, and those who participated in the original event decided to continue the tradition for years to come. It caught fire in the city of Paris and beyond, and now 30 years in the future Le Diner en Blanc brings together over 100,000 people worldwide every year. In 2017, there were 27 countries and 76 cities worldwide to attend this magical one-of-a-kind event. Charleston, Washington DC, New York, Boston, Hawaii and Las Vegas are just a few of the American cities to participate.

Orange County’s Diner en Blanc

In 2017 Orange County’s first inaugural Le Diner en Blanc, held in Huntington Beach, California, delivered the elegance, beauty and prestige of high French society to all in attendance. With the help of WOW! Events President Tiffany Brown at the helm, our dedicated host and so many other hardworking volunteers, you can experience history by becoming a part of the second ever Le Diner en Blanc Orange County.

Attendance is expected to be 1500 this October and tickets being less than $50 per person will sell out. To learn more about this unique and extraordinary event, visit www.orangecounty.dinerenblanc.com.

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